Lightning Bugs : Cakes!


Hootie Hoo! On April 4th’s Lightning Bug’s show, Mr. Jack joined Adam and Jayson to talk about all things cake related and surveyed the listeners asking about their favorite types and flavors of cake. Wondering about the differences between cake pops and cupcakes? Curious about the mystery of Red Velvet cake? Listen below to hear Mr. Jack uncover it all while playing songs that relate to cake such as; “Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles, “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder and even a song by the band Cake I guess you can say Mr. Jack was really “Going The Distance.” Tune in every Thursday from 6:45-7: 45 am to hear what Mr. Jack has in store for next week! Check the L100 Bugs Facebook page for a sneak peek of the next Hootie Hoo Hotline Q.