Lightning Bugs on 1/16/20 : Money


Hootie hoo! Welcome to Lightning Bugs 2020! The theme for this week’s Lightning Bugs episode was money! Mr. Jack, Adam and Jayson asked about those big bucks over the Hootie Hoo Hotline Q. This week’s question was: What would you do with a million dollars?  You guys gave us some awesome answers! Some of you said you’d save it, others said you’d donate it and some said you would spend it.

We also got some cool facts about what you could buy with a million dollars. Did you know you could buy 363,636 units of chocolate with a million dollars? Hear other cool facts and listen to songs all about money with Mr. Jack, Adam and Jayson below and remember to spend wisely!

Hootie Hoo for now!

Written By Lily Ford