Cedric Burnside – “Step In”: DJ Pick of the Week

Cedric Burnside @ Royal Records

Cedric Burnside pleads for help in his newest single, “Step In” off of his anticipated June 25th studio album I Be Tryin. Pulling from his Mississippi blues roots, Burnside’s 13-track album is set to explore the meaning of life with all of its wonders and challenges. “Step In,” with its use of simile and comparison, addresses Cedric Burnside’s need for guidance throughout hardships. Both relatable and painful, listeners can understand what it’s like to feel lost. “Step In” is Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week!

A track with old-school guitar riffs and a repetitive chorus, Burnside makes his point with few lyrics. Relating himself to a bird with broken wings, as well as a sinking boat, he implores the Lord to step in. This track is as Hill Country blues as they come, reflecting on loss and pain that Burnside himself has experienced. With sounds of percussion and vibrating bass, “Step In” embraces seeking out a higher power instead of feeling unhappy. Burnside stated that “life can go any kind of way,” and his album is here to address just that. We look forward to the release of I Be Tryin later this month!

Cedric Burnside’s video for “Step In” makes you feel like you are in the studio with him. Watch and experience the blues in the video below!

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