Lucero – Back in Ohio: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to Lucero for their song “Back in Ohio”. This is a featured song on the Memphis-based, indie-rock groups’ tenth studio album, When You Found Me. Lucero was able to record the album in July of 2020 at Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis. During the recording process the band made sure to wear masks and quarantine among themselves in order to stay healthy. Long-time friend of the band, Matt Ross-Spang, produced the ten-track album and did an amazing job taking the band in a new direction while keeping their natural sound alive. 

Lucero is known for telling great stories through the lyrics of their songs, so it is no surprise that there is an intricate backstory behind the song, “Back in Ohio”. Bandleader, Ben Nichols, explained that he was inspired to write this single after seeing American Comandante, a 2015 PBS documentary.

“You threw knives in the circus 

Now you’re fighting in the jungle

You’ve got babies in Miami 

A rebel for a lover”

Lyrics from “Back in Ohio” by Lucero

Nichols says, “It’s about William Morgan, a guy from Toledo who fought in the Cuban Revolution and was eventually executed by Castro. He was a very interesting character, and I was amazed by the life he led—an ex-paratrooper, ex-con, ex-circus performer who ends up joining rebels in Cuba fighting to overthrow a dictatorship and establish a democratic Cuba, only to be betrayed by Castro and the communists.”  The song does a great job of telling his story through the lyrics while remaining upbeat and catchy. Check it out below!

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