Stolen Nova — “Vortex”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


LA-based Stolen Nova released his debut single “Vortex” last week. Josh Landau, the frontman behind the project, spent the last couple of years touring with the rock group The Shrine. They opened for groups like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. Now, Landau has turned to a more dialed-back rock, like one of Prince or David Bowie. Tune in all week to hear us feature “Vortex” as our ONErpm Hitmaker Alert!

The song is led by a heavy, groovy bassline and swirling synths. The chorus breaks into bright, punchy guitar, which is the song’s main event. Landau told BroadwayWorld that the song “started out as a single guitar riff, and originally was more of a fast rock song, somewhere in my comfort zone. After it echoed around in my head and the melody drove me crazy for some time, I re-approached it inspired by Prince and Funkadelic, that sort of groove and style.”

The music video for the song is flamboyant, flashy, and full of creativity. It was created by artist and director Nadia Lee Cohen, who has worked with the likes of Kali Uchis and A$AP Rocky. It calls to mind a magazine-letter ransom note, or a cut-paper animation clip from a Monty Python movie. Landau says that “[Cohen] shot these photos of me for the cover and when we got the film back, she suggested I take a razor blade and cut my mouth out and make it move… I got obsessed and it spiraled into what you see here.” Check out the music video below!

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