Volunteer Department — “What a Life”: Melissa’s DJ Pick of the Week


Melissa’s DJ Pick of the Week is “What a Life” by Volunteer Department! Taking a step back from their previously jangly sound, this Nashville indie rock band shows us a new side of themselves with “What a Life.” Transparent synths take the place of driving guitars, as the band leans back into a more relaxing atmosphere. At the center of the sonic image remains the dynamic duo of mechanical drums and expressive vocals, two hallmarks of the post-punk style that defined the early sound of Volunteer Department.

Investigating the gap between our ideal selves and our real selves, “What a Life” reminds us not to overburden ourselves with ambitious self-improvement goals. Our obsession with “doin’ it for real” leaves us constantly searching for ways to become more legitimate and further improved, inducing burnout and fatigue. In the end, the song celebrates the art of idle daydreaming with poetic passages about an idealized future. Listen to “What a Life” below, and let your imagination run wild!

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