Margaret Glaspy “Act Natural” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ pick of the week is “Act Natural” by Margaret Glasby! This song is the first hit single from the upcoming album Echo the Diamond. The album is a sequel to her critically acclaimed 2020 album Devotion making this her third studio album.

Margaret Glaspy is a musician from New York who has been performing since age 21. She has been musically invested since the third grade, eventually taking up the trombone and guitar in high school. Glaspy would later receive an educational grant from Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. Despite only being able to attend one semester, Glasby would sneak into master classes and workshops. Her dedication to music would come to fruition with her debut album Emotions And Math in 2016 and later Devotion in 2020.

“Act Natural” is a song that perfectly embodies the album where it came from. Margaret Glaspy expressed that she wanted to take more risks in this album. She says, “I love music with a big element of risk to it, which was really the heartbeat of this album.” According to Glaspy, the song “Act Natural” is about keeping your cool around someone remarkable. This can be seen in the the lyrics, “I’ve rolled around this earth a few times over, but never have I ever seen something so absurd. Are you a paradise bird?”

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