Tiger Run – La Ti Da: Local Artist of the Week

Tiger Run Press Photo
Tiger Run Press Photo

This week’s local artist spotlight goes to Tiger Run. Their story is not only empowering, but oh so familiar for those trying to make it in music city. After years of touring with different bands, sleeping on friends couches, and playing dive bars, Tiger Run became fed up. Finally, lead singer Dan Read said, “if we aren’t going to make it, let’s at least have fun,” and thus, Tiger Run was born. 

Tiger Run has been releasing music since 2019. Even though they are brand new on the music scene, they are definitely a band to watch. After all the frustration and heartbreak of their previous days in music, they wanted to create new, empowering, and entertaining songs. Life is very heavy right now, and sometimes you need to decompress from all the madness in the world, and Tiger Run makes upbeat songs that transport you out of reality. 

This local song spotlight goes to the newest release, “La Ti Da.” This single is off of brand new EP La Ti Da, which also features three new songs. This release is a perfect example of music being able to take you away in an instant. Mixing notes of early alt-rock and indie “La Ti Da” creates a whole new sound for alternative as a genre.  


Lead vocalist, Dan Read says this about the new single, “We make music that doesn’t seem to fit in any particular kind of music platform. It’s just fun. This song was sent back and forth to each other during this current pandemic season. I recorded the vocals in my van late one night because I didn’t want to wake anyone up. I hope you enjoy it.” 

Be sure to keep up with Tiger Run, they are new to the scene, but won’t be for long. Check out the other singles on La Ti Da and their latest music video. We can’t wait to see what’s next! 

Tune in all week long to hear “La Ti Da” as we feature Tiger Run as our Local Artist of the Week. Catch it live on-air at 100.1FM on your dial or streaming live at lightning100.com.

Written by Madison Sharp