Danger Wolf – “Less Is More”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ Pick this week is “Less Is More” by local band Danger Wolf! 2020 was a major setback for many musicians’ careers, but not for artists Whit Murray and Stephen Taylor. Rather than a hindrance, the COVID lockdown served as an opportunity for these two creatives, as it provided them with the time to write together and forge their band, Danger Wolf. Over the lockdown, the duo wrote their recently released five song EP and are already working on a sophomore release.

”Whit and I quickly established ourselves as quarantine buddies in 2020,” says Taylor. “We’d get together and hang on Friday nights, play cards and grill out. Eventually, we picked up a few guitars over at my place, and Whit had the riff to ‘Who’s to Blame’.  It was so rockin’. I think we wrote that one in a few hours and knocked out a demo.  We were just like, ‘Man, this is pretty great! Let’s write another one next week,’ and here we are.”

The powerful and energetic song “Less Is More” is the second song on the band’s self-titled debut EP. In an effort to span the sounds of past decades, Murray and Taylor wrote “Less Is More” to be their 80’s pop hit amidst their 90’s reminiscent and “swampy rocker” songs. Jam-packed with local talent, the EP features a wide variety of musicians from Tyler Ritter and Wes Bailey (Moon Taxi) to Gordo Persha (Los Colognes) to Amber Woodhouse. The Danger Wolf EP is undoubtedly a new Nashville alt-rock staple. Keep up with Danger Wolf on Facebook and Instagram! Also, listen to “Less Is More” below!

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