Samia – Triptych: DJ Pick of the Week


There’s quite the buzz around Samia right now, and with songs like “Triptych,” it’s easy to understand why. The mournful track, off her critically-acclaimed debut record The Baby, feels straight out of a coming-of-age movie. And with a fresh remix featuring lo-fi musician Field Medic, it’s clear we’re not alone in loving this song. Samia’s “Triptych” is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week!

The track sees Samia, a recent Nashville transplant, pleading for a lover’s attention and doing anything possible to get it. “I was really sad on tour and I had just been through a really brutal breakup and I was just behaving recklessly as people often do in that situation,” she told American Songwriter about writing this track. As for the titular triptych? She found inspiration in the work of Francis Bacon, who often painted triptychs of his late lover George Dyer. Bacon painted one of these pieces—characteristically a collection of three images—depicting Dyer’s final moments.

I will entertain your feet or your hands for a triptych

Sell me at the Strand on the stands for a fat brick

I get what I want, and your girlfriend too

Make a predator of me

I’ll be good to you

—Samia on “Triptych”

On the track’s video, we see Samia struggle through relationship problems with a lover depicted in puppet form. This dynamic beautifully and achingly nails the unrequited love central to the lyrics. The result is visceral and disarming, heightening the already-substantial emotional impact of Samia’s songwriting. Check it out for yourself below, but be warned: it’s a tearjerker.

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