Carolina Story – “Animal”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Animal” by husband and wife Americana duo, Carolina Story! Originally from Arkansas and South Dakota, members Ben and Emily Roberts met though college in Memphis, Tennessee. Early on in their relationship, during a camping trip to North Carolina, they decided to form a band. Officially established in 2009, the couple was always hungry to perform, never tuning down a gig. By 2014, Carolina Story made their Grand Ole Opry debut. Since then, they’ve earned a great deal of success with albums Lay Your Head Down (2018) and Dandelion (2020).

“Animal” is the first single off upcoming album Colors of My Mind releasing on April 7th. The album centers around transformation and transcendence. On the cover of Colors of My Mind is a butterfly. Ben and Emily make it clear this is intentional, equating the album’s story to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Ben recalls that when a cocoon is disturbed before the butterfly is ready, it dies. He then compares this to the human experience of redemption. Ben states, “There has to be that time of self-realization or awakening, and then it can finally blossom into something else: a new creature that’s beautiful and free, but completely made from its former self.”

With haunting harming harmonies about a “final cry for help and the basic human instinct of survival,” “Animal” if the first step on a journey of finding hope.

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