Ben Rector – “Range Rover”: DJ Pick of the Week


Ben Rector‘s “Range Rover” is the new summer anthem that we can’t get enough of! First picking up the guitar in high school, he began writing music while in college. Now based in Nashville, Rector works as a singer, writer, and record producer with 7 records in his repertoire. Rector has always had the power to move his audience, whether it is a beat that makes us dance or an emotional love ballad that moves the heart. His latest single earned him the title of DJ Rev’s pick of the week!

“Range Rover” was co-written with Mark Trussell and Devin Dawson. After referencing the great Steve Winwood in the lyrics, producer John Fields suggested the addition of the legend to the track. Winwood’s feature was the icing on the cake. The product is an honest song about a singer wanting a sincere lover instead of his greedy, shallow girlfriend. It is an appreciation for down-to-earth girls who don’t mind road-tripping in a beaten-down Civic. In an interview with American Songwriter, Rector discusses taking a chance with this single:

I feel like most of my music is super-earnest, and that’s probably what I value and how I am in real life. This is obviously a tongue-in-cheek song. Part of me was like, ‘is this going to be weird?’ People obviously know that I’m married and have kids. I’m not singing in first-person from my own life.”

We are glad Rector took a chance on this track. This unique song suits our station perfectly with lyrics feel right at home in Music City. With this addicting beat, you’ll be wanting this record on repeat. Check out the music video below:

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