LUTHI – “Painkiller”: DJ Pick of the Week


Melissa’s DJ Pick of the Week comes from the eclectic band LUTHI with their latest single “Painkiller”. We’re keeping it local at the station this week as LUTHI calls Nashville home. Originally from Milwaukee, front man Christian Luthi moved to Nashville where he met bassist and co-founder Taylor Ivey. From there, they expanded the band with different people that they knew in the music scene to form what we now know as LUTHI.

“Painkiller” showcases the band’s versatility when it comes to their music. In an interview with Concert Hopper, Ivey touched on the idea of creating music for themselves. The band expresses their originality through their music, so it’s important to make music that they’re truly proud of.

“At some point in the last 3 or 4 years our goal was just to do what we wanted to do. Not compromise. Not say hey this should sound like this so that it’ll be on the radio… The overreaching goal is just do whatever we want to do. If we keep doing what we want to do and people like it then we’re just going to continue to do that.”

LUTHI, Concert Hopper

As a result of this mindset, fans get to enjoy music like “Painkiller”. The single is a soulful display of codependency. The emotions can be felt through the lyrics and Luthi’s voice as listeners reflect on the withdrawals from being alone after being with a person for so long. The hardest part is that the person you relied on for so long doesn’t even feel like the bad person in your mind. It almost feels like quitting an addiction.

LUTHI has mastered the art of conveying their powerful emotions through their music. “Painkiller” showcases everything the band has learned through the years from working together to create a true piece of art.

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