Larkin Poe — “Georgia Off My Mind”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Georgia Off My Mind” by Larkin Poe! Using a classic blend of growling blues riffs and soaring soulful harmonies, the duo once again delivers a promising look into their upcoming album Blood Harmony. Striking at the heart of the roots rock sound, the catchy vocal leads and fluid lap steel melodies of “Georgia Off My Mind” remind the listener that Larkin Poe is still at the top of the genre which they helped bring to a whole new generation.

In the course of crafting a song revolving around the emotional journey of leaving one’s hometown, Larkin Poe created a road-trip-ready banger. In fact, the song was inspired by “the stretch of I-24 that connects Atlanta and Nashville” along the duo’s path between their hometown of Calhoun, GA and their chosen home of Nashville. While many Nashvillians may find it shocking that anyone would write such a sentimental song about I-24, the juxtaposition of nostalgia and accomplishment that comes from moving across state lines is relatable all the same.

Listen to Larkin Poe’s “Georgia Off My Mind” below, and mark your calendar for the release of Blood Harmony in November!

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