Hailey Knox Studio Before Her City Winery Show TONIGHT!


Young artist, Hailey Knox, swings through the station to share two live songs with the morning show guys! Talking about the struggles of waking up early before getting into her newest mixtape release, Hailey isn’t afraid to keep it real and maybe give a little bit TMI. This is just a taste of the great sounds the 20-year-old is making, but you can check it out at her show TONIGHT (June 3rd) at City Winery!


A real human person (in the words of DJ Adam), Hailey breaks down her love of melodies and food. If you dig her sound, Hailey Knox dropped a few tips in this interview on how you can get in the groove too. Just grab your phone for some voice memos, a trusty BOSS RC 300 loop pedal, and a lifetime supply of Starbucks spinach and feta wraps to get into the Hailey Knox spirit.

Check out the rest of the interview and an in-studio performance of her songs “Traumatized” and “Hardwired.” Show Hailey some love on her socials, and make it out to the City Winery show tonight! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Written by Rachel Weaver