Lydia Luce “Saline” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week

Lydia Luce Saline

Casey’s DJ Pick of the week is “Saline” from Lydia Luce. Lydia is based in Nashville as a local singer songwriter that falls within many genres like vintage pop and indie rock. “Saline” is a sneak peek into the long awaited album “Florida Girl” that is being released on October 27th.

“Saline” starts off with her calming vocals, then the tempo develops a high energy sound that is fun to sing along and dance to. Throughout the song you can hear the warm and angelic tone of her voice to match the joyful production elements. This is a stark contrast to the purpose of her writing. This track provides the comforting feeling of hopefulness towards a struggling relationship. Her lyrics state, “I promise I wont leave behind,” which refers to Lydia’s commitment to her husband. Whether or not you can relate, this is a great song to add to your New Music Playlist!

Check Out “Saline” by Lydia Luce Below:

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