Grilling with Porter Road Butcher- Episode 1: How to Choose the Right Meat for Your Cookout


Today a new exciting segment began and we were introduced to Porter Road Butcher meat masters, Chris and James. This segment will include 10 separate installments where you can learn all the best tips and tricks to help you master grilling season. There is no time like summer time to get use of your grill, and Porter Road is the best place to get meat for your next cookout.

On this week’s episode, we get the opportunity to learn more about how the Porter Road Butcher cuts are sourced, where and how the animals are raised, and all the processes that go into ensuring the consumer gets the best quality meat. To learn more about their commitment to the process, check out the PRB website!

To learn more about how to make sure your meat is the best quality, listen to the first episode of this new exciting series, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Written by Delaney-Tyler Fanning

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