Grilling with Porter Road Butcher- Episode 6: Intimidation Around Grilling


Big fires, sharp knives, and lots of raw meat! Grilling can get a little intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s always that fear of setting the cut on fire (spoiler alert: Chris and James say the whole point is to catch the meat on fire). The guys at Porter Road Butcher make it as easy as possible to start mastering the grill, with all the helpful information on their website, including a chat window for live help.

PRB’s words of wisdom to grill -or live by- are that you won’t get better unless you try! These guys have been grilling for so long that they have the Maillard reaction on lock and have mastered the flame like in this post below.

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Written by Rachel Weaver

Casey is that rarest of creatures…a Native Tennesseean. His love of music can be traced to the day his dad sat him down and played him Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love?” Everything pretty much changed after that. He began his broadcasting career at the age of 14 at an AM station in Northern Middle Tennessee. It was there he learned how to cue vinyl records, splice tape with razor blades, and other skills that no longer serve any purpose. In the late nineties, he was the host of our evening show until management decided that probably wasn’t a good idea anymore. Casey returned to Nashville airwaves in 2016. When he isn’t on the air, he spends his time with his wife and son. He would also appreciate it if you’d get offa his lawn.